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Frequently asked questions

What surface can I install onto?

A solid base must be in place for the stone resin to be installed onto, this could be existing concrete or tarmac driveway. In some cases the system can be installed on existing patio flags if it is know that the flags have not moved over a long period of time. It can also be installed onto stable paths, patios or landscape features.

What preparation is required before the bound resin is installed?

All weeds and moss that may be growing on the existing surface must be removed by hand or sprayed with weed killer. We only use weed killer that is pet, wildlife and environmentally friendly. The surface is then power-washed to remove loose debris and dirt to ensure a strong cohesive resin bond to the existing surface. If the resin bound stone is being installed onto an existing concrete drive, then the concrete must be coated using a purpose made primer for maximum resin cohesion, otherwise the resin could potentially lift away from the concrete surface with time. The priming process is not required if the stone resin is to be installed onto an existing tarmac driveway.

Does the weather need to be good to lay the system?

The conditions need to be fair when the system is installed, the temperature should be between 5 - 25 degrees celsius. It is important that the surface is dry when the system is installed and doesn't come into contact with water when setting, so a good rain free day is required.

How long will the installation take?

Normally the installation takes 1 day on an average size driveway and approximately 2 days on larger drives.

How much weight will the resin hold?

Of course this will depend on the existing sub-base drive. The resin stone if laid to a depth of 15mm will take all domestic cars, vans and caravans without any problems. Paths and patios that are for foot traffic can be laid to a depth of 12mm.

How long before I can park my car on the drive?

Once the driveway has been installed we recommend 4 hours is left before foot traffic and 24 hours is left before vehicles drive onto the surface.

What maintenance is required to keep my drive looking good?

There is very little or no maintenance required to keep your drive in a good condition. Weeds and moss find it difficult to grow due to the nature of the material. Oil stains can be washed away with warm soapy water, no chemicals required. It is also fine to use a pressure washer if preferred.

What guarantee do I receive?

All materials are covered with a 5 year guarantee.

I would like an estimate

Just phone or email us and we will make an appointment at your convenience. There's no pressure and no obligation to make any decision on the day. We simply come out, discuss your requirements, show you samples of the various colours, take measurements and give you a quote of the total cost with no hidden extras. We don't offer discounts to pressure you into making decisions there and then because it's not our way to conduct business, we simply give our most competitive price on the day and leave you to make your decision. We do not follow up with pressure calls. We don't have targets to achieve, our emphasis is purely on customer satisfaction and pride in all work we undertake.
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